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Media campaigns to get our clients infront of the news organizations that reach critical viewers.



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We delight in bringing our friends in the media together with our clients and their message.

How about Some Fun Facts about Book It! Productions

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CJ is one of the best, if not THE best radio and TV bookers around. She has spent a good deal of her career as a producer in talk radio and TV, and has been an on-air personality herself. We love working with her! .

-- Robert A. Tappan | Director, External Relations, Koch Industries --


Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

CJ Wheeler, founder of Book It! Productions, has worked in newsrooms all across America for over 2 decades as an Executive Producer in both Radio and Television.

After so much time in the industry, CJ speaks “Producer” which is key to getting you and your campaign in front of cameras & microphones. Her team will get you booked on national and local media, creat multi-media attention for you, increase your social media awareness, and help you enhance your message and your on air performance with media training.

No show is beyond the reach of CJ’s extensive network of media friends & contacts. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/cj-wheeler/50/92a/4a8

CJ’s Community Campaigns:

Helped create The Warrior Foundation (501 C3) that raised over $6 Million Dollars, to honor & support the military who have so bravely served & sacrificed for our country. www.warriorfoundation.com .

Executed a 6 month campaign & petition drive to bring Jessica’s Law to the State of California. Worked extensively with the father of Jessica Lunsford, Mark Lunsford, to create tougher penalties and regulations for convicted and released child molesters.

Launched the first ever Amber Alert in Dallas Texas. Worked closely with the parents of Amber Hagerman and other Texas Radio and TV stations to create a public alert when a child has been abducted. The idea spread nationwide.

Helped coordinate an effort to rebuild African American churches burned down by the KKK in Dallas Texas. Our on air drive provided so many supplies and volunteers that the churches were rebuilt within two weeks, making front page coverage in the Dallas Morning News and receiving the support of then President Clinton.

Rallied an entire city to save the Cross on Mt. Soledad which, at its conclusion, involved working side by side with President Bush, The White House staff, various Congressmen. The Cross still stands today.

Partial Client List: Here are a Few Great Companies I’ve Worked With

I’ve been fortunate to partner, promote & work with many popular companies, organizations and leaders. I look forward to working with you.

Our Services

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing business.

Strategic Communications – Reworking or Building Your Image: $2,000 One Time Fee
Crafting your image is step one in our road to reaching your goal. The importance of branding cannot be ignored. I will create tactical steps so that your public image is a good one, positioning you in all materials to maximize your impact, all with an eye to where you want to be not just this month, but next year and five years from now.

Booking & Press Releases – How to get you booked: $4,000 monthly
After 20 years in newsrooms, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in press releases. My pitch will get producers attention. You will see a major increase in your media exposure. The timing of the release, how it is crafted, how you are pitched,are all my areas of expertise. One client wrote “CJ’s gave me so many bookings for radio I had to ask her to slow down! Her press releases are off the chain. She speaks “producer,” which is key to getting bookings.”That client is right. I do speak “producer” & “journalist” “blogger” and “TV booker” because I have been all those people.

Social Media – New Methods of Outreach: $2,000 monthly
There are now many more avenues available to reach the public than the now-crumbling empires of advertiser-sponsored newspapers. I will simultaneously pitch stories about you to journalists, present your blog to the public, and post to your Facebook and Twitter pages.Don’t have a Twitter or Facebook page? I will create one! Let’s tell the world about your upcoming media appearances, trips, and speaking engagements. And let’s bond with the public by occasionally giving them a slight peak behind the curtain of your real life. Let’s create the image you want daily in the minds of your friends and followers. And let me build those followers & friends to numbers that will guarantee you long term exposure and new media street cred. I offer the knowledge of the best times to post, length of post, photo and emoticon usage along with a myriad of other social media tricks that will get your posts noticed 87% more than before.

Media Training: $2,000 for One on One Session, Group of 5 or more/ price negotiable
Every time you look into a camera, clip on a microphone, or speak at an event covered by reporters, your brand is standingon the line.Crafting memorable messages and turning around “gotcha” questions are skills that can be learned during my media training course. We will look at your past interviews in radio/print/& television and turn up the volume on your positives and turn down the volume on your negatives. I will also teach you about the best way to handle a media crisis. In Media Crisis Training you learn how to get out of that tough spot. Are you off the record, or on the record? I’ll teach you about “pivots” “bridges” and ways to cut through all the noise. Sessions include a mock radio, print, and TV interview complete with taping. Also, throughout our time working together I will watch and listen to your interviews and give you important feedback afterwards.

Photography – Oh the power of the Photo: $500 for new headshots/$250 monthly
Not only do photo posts get more engagement in the social media world than links, videos or text-based updates, they actually account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook. According to Kissmetrics, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts. Needless to say, photos are important. Keeping your image and what you are doing in the public eye is a key element of my branding plan for you. I am a professional published photographer and have a photography book currently in stores for sale. Let’s use the synergy of my photography skills and your dreams to create an image that will be branded in the minds of the public. My photography plan for you includes new professional headshots, accompanying you to TV & Radio Studios to photograph events, and let’s not forget the importance of the selfie!

Mix & Match:
Services can be mixed and matched to fit your goals and budget And, right now I am offering a flat rate price of $4500 monthly for all the services mentioned above when you sign a 6 month contract with me. Please let me know if you are interested and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

What our Clients say

  • I just want to personally thank CJ Wheeler for her outstanding efforts in helping to make “Midpoint” the excellent news program that is has become. CJ is a true professional and it’s my pleasure to call her both friend and colleague.Rock On, True Believer!

    Ed Berliner - Host of Midpoint, Newsmax TV
  • CJ is one of the best, if not THE best radio and TV bookers around. She has spent a good deal of her career as a producer in talk radio and TV, and has been an on-air personality herself. We love working with her!

    Robert A. Tappan | Director, External Relations, Koch Industries
  • CJ’s gave me so many bookings for radio; I had to ask her to slow down! Her press releases are off the chain. She knows the topics & knows how to pitch me on the full gamete of issues. She never let me sit even when many roadblocks are thrown her way. She speaks “producer,” which is key to getting bookings.

    Jessie Jane Duff – USMC (Ret) Gunnery Sergeant - Seen on Fox, CNBC, CNN
  • The phrase that comes to mind with I think of CJ is, “she’s a pro.” Working with her, no matter what, there was never any nonsense, lateness, or impatience – and no mistakes. She was completely reliable. With her intelligence, knowledge, and upbeat attitude, she is someone I always looked forward to working with, and with whom I very much hope to again in the future.

    Keith Koffler - White House Correspondent - Editor of White House Dossier
  • CJ Wheeler is a talk-radio vet. She’s been a valuable resource as I’ve developed my show. With an extensive rolodex, CJ is an asset that can’t be ignored.

    Chris Salcedo - The Blaze & KSEV - National & Houston
  • CJ Wheeler is a seasoned media hand. Her drive and determination to get a good product into the broadcast media market is a simple combination of evident heart, warm disposition and an infectious personality that sets client and producer at ease with disarming speed. A consummate professional.

    Paul Janiczek - Former US Diplomat Bush Administration - DC
  • CJ is the most responsive and accommodating media relations professional I have ever encountered.

    Gene Berardelli – Attorney, Blogger, & Radio Host - New York
  • CJ’s hustle, knowledge of the issues, and dedication were vital to ensuring that story got told and we had it first.

    Keith Rogers - Journalist - Las Vegas Review-Journal


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